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Helping families thrive for over 20 years using the Guidance Approach to Parenting. Learn More
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My lively upbringing and family dynamic enabled me to see that as a child, you need to be seen and heard. Learn More
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Katherine has helped thousands of parents create stronger relationships with their kids with strategies that improve communication and respect. Learn More
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75% of family disruptions result from the same three R’s: Retaliation, Rebellion and Resistance

- Katherine Sellery, Parenting Coach & Founder

What Is Conscious Parenting Revolution?

Conscious parenting focuses on eliminating the 3 R’s retaliation, rebellion, and resistance – from your parenting technique to improve your relationship with your child. This method of parenting is based on the teachings of psychologist Dr. Thomas Gordon and Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, a specialist in conflict resolution.

Conscious parenting teaches parents and kids how to communicate. It’s a compassionate, fair, and effective way of talking to each other.

To learn more about the Conscious Parenting Revolution, follow the link below.

Katherine Sellery – Founder & Parenting Coach

"Everyone in the house has been much happier since I took Katherine’s course. I am still not a perfect parent every day but at least I have awareness and understanding." - Working Mom in Hong Kong

The Guidance Approach to Parenting is the Core of the Conscious Parenting Revolution

The most important skill that parents learn is how to listen to and acknowledge their children. When a parent can understand the child’s experience of a situation, the entire relationship between parent and child is transformed.

Katherine is available to speak at your next event, educational conference, or podcast.

Contact Katherine by filling out the speaker form – and get ready for one of the most enlightening and engaging speakers available today.

Some of the topics Katherine covers include:

  • 3 Mistakes Every Parent Makes 
  • 90-Day Parenting Reset 
  • Is Video Gaming Taking Over Your Child’s Life?



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    3xTEDx Speaker, Media Contributor, parenting coach and mom of two. Helping families thrive for over 20 years using the Guidance Approach to Parenting.